We’re Getting Married!

SATURDAY, October 19, 2013 at 10:30am


Our Story

“Once upon a time in a bowling alley…”

…a bowling alley in a bus station… New York’s Port Authority Bowling Alley, to be specific. Urs joined the alley’s league at the suggestion of Scott Nechemias, who was on the league’s only team with members younger than 45. Unlike Urs’ new team of middle-aged commuters, Scott’s team was the party team that ordered margaritas by the pitcher, and Michael Jackson by the jukebox. Angela was their foxy blonde. Angela would spy Urs stealing glances, and vice versa. But like Romeo and Juliet, they were on rival teams. The league ended before their stars could cross.

Months later, with a wink of fate and that old NYC magic, Urs went out for a night on the town in the East Village. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed a familiar face, and lightening struck like the sound of angels bowling. After weeks of missed opportunities, Urs resolved to miss no more. He invited her for a drink and finally asked for her phone number. What could have been a lifetime of regrets has proven to be a lifetime of adventure. The rest was, is, and will be history!

View a few pictures from our early “lovebirds” years:

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